THE MASS – Video Study Series

Walk through the Liturgy with Bishop Barron and you’ll be transformed through insights on this most privileged and intimate encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ.


See how the Mass brings us out of the fallen world and into the heavenly realm, how it resonates with a call from God and a response from his people, the Church, and, most importantly, how we are intimately joined with the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus through the Holy Eucharist.


The Mass will help you understand how to fully, consciously, and actively participate in the source and summit of the Christian life.


Join Seminarian Daniel Villalobos, Melissa Hajdu and Sr. Danielle Jacob as they facilitate this video study of THE MASS.


Session Dates:

March 3…A Privileged Encounter

March 17…God Speaks Our Story


April 3…Responding to God
(6:30pm, at Holy Family Convent,
310 N. River Rd., Des Plaines, IL)


April 14…Preparing for Sacrifice


May 5…The Real Presence Created Communion


[All sessions meet in Hajdu Hall following the 11:30 Sunday Mass;
approximate start time is 12:45pm, unless otherwise marked.]


Come for one, a few, or all of the sessions.
We hope to see you there!