St. Emily 60th Anniversary

In May 1960, Fr. John McLoraine received a letter from the Archbishop of Chicago, Cardinal Albert Meyer, appointing him as a founding pastor of a new parish in the south east area of Mt. Prospect. The heavenly patron chosen for the new parish was St. Emily, named after Fr. McLoraine’s mother.

As we prepare to celebrate the 60th Jubilee of St. Emily Parish on May 31, 2020, there are a number of solemn liturgies and special events planned to help us focus on the rich heritage of our parish family. My hope is that our parish community will grow as missionary disciples of Jesus Christ. My prayer is that this Jubilee year will strengthen the community bonds of faith, hope and charity among the members of the St. Emily Parish family and that our parishioners will continue to grow in holiness through the Sacramental life of the Church, Scripture Study and Christian Service to our neighbors in need.

As we celebrate the rich sixty year history of St. Emily Parish through the many liturgies/events planned for this Diamond Jubilee Year, may our patroness, St. Emily de Rodat, continue to intercede to Almighty God on our behalf of our parish family.

May the Lord abundantly bless us with faith, joy, peace, hope and health now and always!

Father James Presta, Pastor