Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts is BACK!

Buy your tickets now!

You can’t win if you don’t play!


Drawing is December 19, 2021


For $10.00 a chance, you pick one number from 1 to 54. 
Or, get 15 tickets for $100.00!

On December 19th, if the Queen of Hearts is found behind your card number, you win!

50% of the proceeds go to St. Emily Parish and 50% to the person holding the winning card number.


Tickets are sold at the Parish Office during regular business hours and in the church vestibule after Saturday evening and Sunday masses. Purchased tickets and money must be submitted together. 

There is NO LIMIT for the prize money. For the period of September 19th through December 19th, an updated prize total will be posted in the Parish Office. For the period of October 3rd through December 12th, an updated prize total (at the time of printing) will be printed in the weekly bulletin.

On December 19th, cards on the board will be turned over until the Queen of Hearts is found!

No bills larger than $20 will be accepted.


Adjustments/Changes/Clarifications  have been made to the rules. We strongly recommend you see a full copy of the raffle details at the Parish Office or download a copy here.