Pastor’s Annual Report – December 2018


Pastor’s Annual Report
to the people
of St. Emily Parish


December 1 and 2, 2018

(First Sunday of Advent, Beginning of the new Church Year)



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Parish Sacramental Information for year ending June 30, 2018:

Registered Families in St. Emily Parish: 2,287

Number of Baptisms: 47

Number of Adults baptized at the Easter Vigil: 4

Number of Adults received into Full Communion with the Catholic Church: 4

Number of First Communicants: 75

Number of Confirmandi: 79

Number of Catholic Marriages: 10

Number of Interfaith Marriages: 3

Number of Funerals: 89

Sharing our Time, Talent and Treasure

  • Our parish, 58 years young, is alive and vibrant, filled with many ministries, activities and organizations that assist in living our Catholic Faith.
  • Many of our original parishioners are still active in our family-oriented parish.
  • We have an excellent Catholic school and an outstanding Religious Education program.
  • We have programs for people of all ages: from the young to the young at heart. We have Pre-School and Sunday School for the youngsters; we have St. Em’s Gems for our Senior Citizens as well as programs for everyone in between.
  • We serve the Sacramental needs of our Parish family: Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, Anointing of the Sick and Ministers of Care
  • Our Liturgical Music program is expanding with two adult choirs for both the 9:30 and 11:30 Sunday Masses, Bell Choir, Children’s Choir, and a Cantor program.

 Parish Financial Picture

  • Since 1960, St. Emily’s has served the spiritual and community needs of our diverse parish family. We can be proud of the parish legacy that each of us benefits from today.
  • We are committed to carry on that legacy for you, our children and the generations to follow. That means we need to ensure that our commitment to faith formation and our physical buildings remain vibrant and strong.
  • Just like your family, the spiritual needs of our parish are constantly growing and changing. And just like your family home, parish buildings constructed decades ago are in constant need of repairs and upgrades.
  • Although we are exceedingly careful and cautious with our budget, our current collection is having trouble keeping up with our spiritual and physical building expenses. Our weekly budget is $21,300. Currently, our average collection per week is $17,000. Each week on the average, we fall short by $3,700.
  • As disciples of Jesus, we acknowledge that all we are and all we have are gifts from God. Each of us must nurture these blessings. We nurture them for ourselves, for our Church and for our ministries to others. With this in mind, we now begin a new chapter in our stewardship journey as a parish. The St. Emily Parish family is undertaking an increased offertory initiative.
  • This Increased Offertory Campaign will allow St. Emily to take a major leap forward as we secure our ministries and buildings for service for future generations. Each parishioner will be asked to consider a sustained increase in regular offertory giving to help St. Emily Parish ensure its future, to pay all our bills in a timely fashion and to build our parish savings account.
  • In order to meet these challenges, we ask that each of you reflect and pray on your stewardship to St. Emily Parish. We ask you to prayerfully consider an increase in your regular support of St. Emily’s Parish because expenses in terms of salaries and benefits have increased.
  • Once our new Business Manager is hired, I will publish the Annual Financial Report in the bulletin sometime after the New Year. According to Archdiocesan policies, it should have been published in November. But I was unable to do so, once our Business manager resigned from his position here. I apologize for this and wanted to be transparent about why we have not yet published the Annual Parish Finance Report for the previous year.
  • Our October count has been going down by 1% each year in the past two years. Therefore, the amount of money collected on Sunday is lower than past years.
  • We have accomplished so much in the past two years.


Special Parish Projects: All special projects were financed by private donations. Please note: Ordinary Parish Revenue (i.e., Sunday collections) was not used to accomplish any of our new projects.


 To Teach Who Christ Is Parish Capital Campaign: 

                      We reached our parish goal of $2.25 million in exactly one year.

The following projects for School and Parish were paid by monies raised by the Parish Capital Campaign.

  • Church bathrooms were painted and upgraded; they are now ADA compliant.
  • Sullivan Hall has been completely updated and transformed into an Extended Care Center for the School;
  • New (and much needed) kneelers have been installed in the Church;
  • Repairs have been made to the organ and sound system in Church;
  • Hajdu Hall and the Conference Room have been painted; the Hall is now 100% LED lighting. (We are already seeing a cost savings in our electric bill because of LED lighting in both the school and church buildings).

The following special projects for school and church were paid for through private donations with specific projects directed by the donor.

  • New ceiling tiles and LED lighting have been installed throughout the entire school.
  • A total of four school bathrooms (2 boys and 2 girls) have been completely upgraded and painted.
  • An indoor St. Emily Shrine now is complete with votive candles and a kneeler.
  • The outdoor St. Emily Shrine has been completely refurbished with new lighting and landscaping. Also, new landscaping and flowers have been added to both sides of the Church entrance.
  • The school purchased the new electronic sign for the Church as a way of saying thank you for the financial support that the Parish offers the school. The funds collected from the 2017 School’s Annual Track-a-Thon paid for the new sign.
  • The Marian Shrine behind the Rectory is now complete.

Again, regular parish revenue was not used to pay for any of these projects.

Please visit our Parish website,, to view a Power Point presentation regarding recent and current projects.

E-Giving is at St. Emily

We are using the services of E-Giving, a subsidiary of our envelope company, NCS Services.

E-Giving is a faster, more efficient, and cost-effective method of managing your donations by credit card (you can earn points) and by direct withdrawal from your checking account.  It’s easier to retrieve your tax information at the end of the year and you don’t have to remember to bring cash. 

To donate electronically, visit

 If you are an electronic donor and would like to discontinue receiving envelopes, please contact the parish office: 847-824-5049.

 Come Home for Christmas 2018

 Lastly, please consider inviting a friend, a family member or a neighbor who has been away from Church to “Come home for Christmas.”  Your personal invitation to someone who has been away from regularly attending Mass may be the best Christmas gift you can offer a friend or relative. Let’s fill St. Emily Church this Christmas!

Advent Blessings to you and yours!


Fr. James Presta, S.T.D.

Pastor of St. Emily Parish in Mt. Prospect