WELCOME Women’s Renewal Weekend

(Formerly Christ Renews His Parish)

Women’s Weekend 2020 is coming!

February 29-March 1, 2020.

WELCOME is a renewal experience for all Christian women 18 years and older designed to inspire participants toward their own personal encounter with Jesus. Develop and strengthen your prayer life, open your heart to areas in life that may need change or fresh perceptions … REST and give yourself time for you and relationship with God. It’s an experience that promises to remind us there’s MORE to Life. The food is as abundant as the friendly faces you will meet. Please know that other than introducing yourself, you determine how much you wish to participate. And, you can be confident the atmosphere will be friendly and without expectation.

Brochures can be found in the back of church and Parish Office. Sign up today through the Parish Office, on line, or call Donna Izzo @ 847-812-4053 or Lori McClure @ 847-759-8740

What WELCOME is not:

  • It’s not a silent retreat.
  • It’s not a public confession.
  • It’s not a parish ministry.
  • It’s not an emotional cult.
  • It’s not a pre-selected group or clique.

Welcome Frequently Asked Questions

Download a registration form and leave it at the parish office or seal it in an envelope, mark it Women’s WELCOME and drop it in the collection.

Welcome Weekend Registration

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Registration for Welcome Weekend

Please, fill out this form to register for Welcome Weekend retreat, February 29-March 1, 2020.
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