Scripture Study


A Prophet a Day Keeps Armageddon Away

An informal, small-group scripture study –
Open to all!

Come and break open the Word
together with others


Scripture StudyWould you like to gather with others to break open the Word, learn more about scripture and connect with fellow parishioners? Consider our Thursday morning Scripture study group; new members are always welcome. The group currently meets in person following the 8:30 morning mass (generally around 9:15am).

The Thursday morning study group just completed an extensive study of the Book of the Prophet Isaiah. This prompted a desire to  learn about the rest of the Old Testament Prophets. With that goal, we are embarking on a study of the Old Testament Prophets, dedicating one session to each of the Prophets. We invite you to join for any of the Prophets that may interest you – or join us for all of them. Each session will offer a brief introduction to the Prophet and the book attributed to that Prophet; time will be given to explore some scripture passages in the book. All you need to bring is your Bible and something with which to write.

The following dates are currently scheduled:

December 2, 2021…Jeremiah
December 16, 2021…Ezekiel
January 6, 2022…Daniel
January 13, 2022…Hosea
January 20, 2022…Joel
January 27, 2022…Amos
February 3, 2022…Obadiah
February 10, 2022…Jonah
February 17, 2022…Micah
February 24, 2022…Nahum
March 3, 2022…Habkkuk
May 12, 2022…Zephaniah
May 19, 2022…Haggai
May 26, 2022…Zechariah
June 2, 2022…Malachi

If you would like to join the study group, or for information, contact Sister Danielle Jacob or call 847-824-5048, ext 206.