House Churches

Lent 2020 House Churches
begin February 26th

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House Churches have been a Lenten tradition at St. Emily Parish since their inception in 1999. They further develop each individual’s connection to God through participation in small faith-sharing groups. The program’s purpose is to provide a warm and inviting environment for any who may wish to discuss and share their faith.

Different materials are selected each year to use as a guide along the way.  No pressure, just a great way to share and reflect on the current readings for the Church cycle,  a specific Gospel, or pertinent issues of the day.  Some have found their House Church experience to be so life altering that they choose to meet throughout the year, not just during Lent. Consider joining a House Church for Lent 2019 or even starting a new one.

Are you interested in starting a House Church for faith sharing to meet at a time outside of Lent? Not sure how to get it started? Email Sister Danielle Jacob or call (847-824-5049, ext 206) for information.

If you would like to lead/host a House Church, email Sister Danielle Jacob or call (847-824-5049, ext 206).

Sign-up for Lenten 2020 House Churches will begin in January 2020. Lenten House Churches begin the week of Ash Wednesday
(February 26, 2020)