Elements of Catholic Mass

Elements of the Catholic Mass, is a new video series prepared by the Liturgical Institute at the University of Saint Mary of the Lake to help the faithful better appreciate the beauty of the Mass. Videos are published Weekly and accompanied by a study guide. You can visit the website created especially for the project to subscribe to the videos, and you will have them delivered straight to your e-mail every week. You can also come back to our website every week, as we are going to add the videos as they appear. (Please note: study guides are available only through the free subscription or by visiting the website.)

Episode 31: The Dismissal

Episode 30: The Liturgical Movement

Episode 29: The Bow before the Holy Communion

Episode 28: The Mystery of Faith

Episode 27: My Sacrifice and Yours

Episode 26: The Altar

Episode 25: Bow in the Creed

Episode 24: The Creed

Episode 23: The Word of the Lord

Episode 22: The Book of Gospels

Episode 21: Bows in Mass

Episode 20: Incense

Episode 19: Church Doors

Episode 18: Vestments – Part 2

Episode 17: Vestments – Part 1

Episode 16: The Liturgist & Liturgiologist

Episode 15: Liturgy and Language

Episode 14: The Collect

Episode 13: Music – Part II

Episode 12: Music – Part I

Episode 11: Unity and Diversity in the Mass

Episode 10: Who Says the Mass is Boring?

Episode 9: Active Participation

Episode 8: The Purpose of the Mass

Episode 7: Sacramental Signs

Episode 6: Signs and Symbols

Episode 5: Processions in the Mass

Episode 4: The Church Building

Episode 3: The Role of the Parishioner

Episode 2: Intelligent Worship

Episode 1: The Meaning of Liturgy