Christ Renews His Parish

Women’s Weekend – March 30 & 31, 2019

Mark your calendar and save the date!

CRHP is a process designed to bring members of a parish together in Christ. Just as all of our commitments need renewal, so does our commitment to Christ if we are to be faithful followers. CRHP is an effective spiritual renewal that calls together members of the parish to experience personal conversion and Christian community within the environment of St. Emily.

What CRHP is not:

  • It’s not a silent retreat.
  • It’s not a public confession.
  • It’s not a parish ministry.
  • It’s not an emotional cult.
  • It’s not a pre-selected group or clique.

CRHP Frequently Asked Questions

Download a registration form ( CRHP-Registration-2019.pdf) and leave it at the parish office or seal it in an envelope, mark it Women’s CRHP and drop it in the collection.

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Registration for CRHP Weekend

Please, fill out this form to register for CRHP weekend retreat, March 30-31, 2019
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