Parish Pastoral Council

What is the Parish Pastoral Council?

The Archdiocese of Chicago requires every parish to form a Parish Pastoral Council (PPC). This governing body consists of parishioners who have been nominated by previous PPC members. It functions primarily as an advisory body to the pastor. The St. Emily PPC currently has nine voting members and one at-large member. Voting members serve a three-year term and members’ terms are staggered so that no more than four members leave in a given year. When a voting member’s term expires, he or she may choose to serve as an at-large member to continue work on the Council.

What does the PPC do?

The Council is responsible for:

  • Pastoral planning, including periodic review of the Parish Mission Statement
  • Defining parish goals
  • Planning strategies for meeting those goals

PPC members are charged with researching the needs of the parish; encouraging and supporting parish ministries; evaluating the quality of the parish’s faith life; and planning and making recommendations for policies and programs that fulfill the Church’s mission. In the past, members of the Parish Pastoral Council have planned evenings of parish revival with music and prayer; hosted the quarterly Commissions meetings and the Ministry Fair; and participated in planning and implementing parish-wide social and milestone events.

What are the goals of the PPC?

The current Council’s goals are to design strategies for improving communication between the St. Emily Council and the ministries and, at the same time, improve connections among ministries. The Council strives to make parishioners aware of all the ways to become involved in parish life.

Who are the members of the St. Emily PPC?

Your Parish Pastoral Council wants to hear from you. Please email us or call 847-824-5049.

Judy Paczko – Chair

Andrea Derwin

Jon Geiger

Eric Haizel

Amy Mechla

Ray Pasko

Russell Rudsinski

Lori Schuster

Scott Smith